There are normally three options for bride and grooms to choose from:

  1. Walk around magic between meal courses. In this instance David moves between tables entertaining the guests with his close up magic and mentalism. Guests are guaranteed to be entertained while waiting for the next course.
  2. Walk around magic during the drinks reception. This is fantastic entertainment as the guests begin arriving to the venue. David works the room, performing different tricks for small groups of guests. This often draws crowds as people get curious about the laughs and gasps coming from different groups.
  3. A stand up show after the meal. For this option David uses a sound system and the show is delivered to all guests at the same time. It is put together with different effects so everybody can see and experience a real magician from wherever they are in the room. For this show David selects willing guests to participate and engages with the audience to guarantee a memorable experience for all.

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